The Greatest Challenge Facing Business Owners Today

18 Apr 2020

Covid-19 has pushed the world to the brink of shutdown.

It's not just a Health or Economic problem though...

.... it's much more a Mental Health Problem.

The Bigger Problem... Your Well-Being
Health problems WILL be overcome... You might not like the solutions, but they will be addressed.

The world will continue economically...

- Massive transfers of wealth? Yes.
- Different rules? Probably.
- The end of the world? No.

The much bigger problem facing most of us right now is our Mental Well-Being...

... especially those of established or aspiring small-business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself.

Rising above the Fear
Each day we're learning more and more about the capabilities of our minds to overcome adversity.

Strategies ranging from breathing exercises and positive thinking through to established principles such as NLP and Hypnosis,

More and more we're learning about the importance of the mind-body balance and the importance of our physical well-being. Healthy Body... Healthy Mind (and vice-versa).

One thing is for certain, the quality of your thoughts are the single biggest factor in your ability to stay above the challenges we're facing right now.

If you go to that place of worry and fear and allow your decisions to be excessively influenced there, then good solid strategic decisions become increasingly difficult and unlikely to happen.

The first step is acknowledging this. If you're questioning the importance of your self-talk and thoughts right now, then stop reading.

If however, you take the view that thoughts are things and that you have full control over the thinking of your thoughts then you possess a solid foundation for survival and flourishing in these uncertain (but exciting) times.

It's nigh on impossible (at the very least uncomfortable) to smile and feel unhappy at the same time.

Try it right now,..

How Crazy is that?

Now STOP for a moment... and remember this as we explore additional ways where controlling your thoughts will allow you to control your future.

Keep your thoughts above the levels of fear around you and take control of your journey.

Do it on a daily basis... take stock of what you have control over (your internal decisions) and don't allow external factors out of your control (recession, new laws etc) to hijack and steal your mind.

And that's where it all begins... your daily habits.

Make sure you start and end your day in that positive space and use sites such as this to stay above the negativity around you (your environment).

Remember... We're all Creatures of Habit and the Thinkers of our Thoughts.

Choose Good Daily Habits and Master Your Thoughts.

Do this and you're well on your way to living your perfect Life by Design.

Author: Andrew Kavanagh
Andrew walks the talk in this space and has been helping people for more than 20 years to rise above their external circumstances

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