Are You an Addict in Denial

Are You an Addict in Denial

22 May 2020
Are you an addict in denial?

Yes.... Seriously !!!

Be absolutely honest with yourself?

You see... most people are totally unaware of unable to accept that they have addictions.

Your 1st  thoughts maybe those of drug addicts, alcoholics... or even online porn addiction.

Sure... they all fall under the addiction heading.


- What about watching your favourite Netflix series?
- Snacking between meals?
- Cigarettes or chocolates?

What about doing the same things in your business knowing that they've never brought the results in the past that you had hoped for?

"Hey, wait a minute" you might be asking right now... "they are not addictions - that's just a case of bad habits".

Mmm... Maybe!

But let me ask you...

How many glasses of wine after work is a habit and when does it become an addiction.

How many series viewings on Netflix is a habit and when does it become an addiction?

At what point does the habit of "I'm doing the wrong things" in your business become an addiction?

I'd argue that if your first actions each day are things that you know are not the most productive or beneficial to your business day, but you still do it because it's comfortable, and you've convinced yourself that it's "essential"... then you're probably blurring the lines between a bad habit and an addiction.

What's the first thing you do when you arrive at your workspace each day?
Maybe something as simple as making a cup of tea or checking your emails. Whatever it is, how uncomfortable would it be for me to ask you to commit to NOT doing that for the next week?

How do you feel inside right now if I were to suggest that you don't check your emails until you've completed the most uncomfortable task you've highlighted for that day?

If you can sense ANY feelings of being uncomfortable, then you need to face that head on and... I can help you.

It's a GOOD sign, not a bad one.

You've taken the first steps on the journey of self-discovery.

You've made it to the waters edge and you're thirsty for answers... you're wanting to drink.
Congratulate yourself... that's "Taking Responsibility".

Life is very rewarding to those who are prepared to take responsibility and to make wise choices.

The world is full of people who avoid responsibility, make poor choices and then blame outside factors for the circumstances of their life.... "Blame Island".

Right now there are business owners everywhere who don't want to take the journey to the water.

They're feeling burnt and they're feeling pain. They're getting a lot of sympathy and the sympathy makes them feel good.

The trouble is... that sympathy can become an addiction.

It feels so good to be able to blame circumstances and events rather than looking inwards and taking responsibility.

The bad news is... no one will care tomorrow. No one is going to care if your business falls over. The memories of the sympathy will be all you're left with.

So who will survive?

YES... There will be plenty of survivors. In fact, the true survivors are already claiming more share of their market BECAUSE they took responsibility.

They didn't just walk down to the water... they ran. They found the best place to drink and they're looking beyond it.

They're using the same techniques that I'll share with you in my "Rising from the ASHES" 5-Step Covid-19 Recovery Program.

It's essential that as may Business Owners as possible...
1 Take Responsibility
2 Show Leadership and "Rise from the Ashes" (BE the Phoenix)
3 Reap the rewards from their Wise Choices

Wise Choices are easy when you have a plan to follow, and that's exactly what you'll get when you register for the 5-Part "Rising From The Ashes" course that is yours for FREE right now.

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Author: Andrew Kavanagh
Andrew walks the talk in this space and has been helping people for more than 20 years to rise above their external circumstances

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